Rainy season – Flood!

19 Mar

– I’ve just received a bursting news, the city is gonna hold a street-swimming competition this season!

– What are you talking about!?

– It’s rainy season, streets are going to turn into rivers.

Actually, the news is not that unbelievable although it isn’t true. 🙂 If you has lived through at least one rainy season in this city, you will know that after the rain, how big rivers are streets turn into. Till now, it’s a great challenge for the government to change that fact, but fact is still fact, Saigon is built up on the ground of a huge swamp. Every year, new flood areas come up and I think it would help if we take a look at flood areas which are left from last year.

If you live in district 3, district 4, district 9 or Cần Giờ district, congratulation, those are non-flood district. And the rest may be affected by after-rain flood, this way or another. The most serious flood areas are Bình Thạnh district, district 8, Tân Bình district, areas close to Trần Hưng Đạo street and others suburb as South Saigon and Bình Chánh district.

So, most of the city are gone. What should we do?

– Don’t try to go out after the rain, otherwise you must sure that the route you’re about to take won’t be flooded.

– Try to keep your feet dry and clean, the water is very dirty, dark and somehow blend with garbage.

– Don’t go out in the storm if not really necessary. The trees may be break off and smash you in the head. I’ve read lots of stories about crashed car, motorcycle and there were dead. So, people, this is serious.

– Drive carefully and watch out for downed power lines. You might be electrocuted. Kind of freak, right!

– Motorcycles and cars are not designed for swimming. So, please don’t try it because we’ve already done that.

– And the last, enjoy the rain, fresh air and free time you have while waiting for the floods to go down. To Vietnamese, it’s a very good excuse to be late.

No one is going to blame you if you’re late because of the rain and flood. Really.

by Trà

SaigonStay – All the best a local friend can give you!

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