SaigonNews – Fuel price is rising (again)

04 Apr

Last Tuesday night, Finance Ministry brought up the price of fuel from 19,300 VND to 21,300 VND. That’s mean others prices are going to go up as well.

Government claims the rising of Vietnamese fuel price is because of Cambodian and Laos fuel price(?!).

– What about prices in Cambodia and Laos?

– It’s much more expensive there, we have to make it equal!!!

That’s just what they said. Some may shock, some may yell, and others may go out to make living. Among the very first are taxi companies, Mai Linh taxi and Vinataxi have brought up the taxi fare 1000vnd/ kilometers. Of course, every others prices aren’t going to stay low for long.

Actually, this is just a small part of the big picture, inflation. The government just can’t keep the prices stay, they must favor the country by depreciate the VND to promote exporting. But the part of the country, which get favor isn’t big. Most of Vietnamese aren’t enjoy much from rising GDP or high growth rate, those are normal people in the middle class and low class.

They just have to work more for the high class to have more.

Anyway, this is like the second time the fuel price rise up in this year. It’s happen to everyone and we just have to get use to it. In this case, we say “Let’s go to work…”

Have a nice week, Saigonese!!!

by Trà

SaigonStay – All the best a local friend can give you!

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