06 May

Pavement-restaurants are all around the world, from New York hot-dog to Turkey kebab. Anyway, to know about Saigon is to know about its street-foods pavement-restaurants. So today I decide to take a look back at one of my favorite pavement-restaurant, which I’ve been visiting for like 10 years already: Gỏi khô bò Lê Văn Tám – Le Van Tam dried-beef salad.

Located at a side of Hai Ba Trung crowding street, the so called restaurant (actually, I think I’m the only one talk about it as a restaurant) open from about 3-4pm to 9pm. Leave behind the fear of health matters, it’s carry Saigon street life style. Saigon have plenty of area like this with specific foods such as Nguyen Thuong Hien with snails (yeah, snails, and they’re pretty delish!), Lê Văn Tám park with dried-beef salad, etc. It’s actually not about the foods or about the prices, it’s just about Saigonese need a place to visit after working hour, to hang out and chat with friends before they get home. I don’t know why are we doing that, I just know that we do!

Here in Lê Văn Tám, we have enough things to forget about a rushing life just within 100 meters away on Hai Ba Trung. Such as

soft drinks

bò bía

sugar-cane juice!

It’s pretty easy to find this unique pavement-restaurant, located at a side of Hai Ba Trung street, close to Hai Ba Trung – Vo Thi Sau intersection. Come here in any afternoon, you can see groups of people park their motorcycle and seat on the pavement close to some colorful political sign. See us, and join us with our after work chat. It’s just a leisure.

by Trà

SaigonStay – All the best a local friend can give you!

I used to worry about illegal park that some pigeon guys (that’s mean traffic police) just show up and fine me a 150,000 VND back-door money. But it’s never happen to me before, may be because those guys have to worry about traffic jam at the Hai Ba Trung – Vo Thi Sau intersection right within 100 meters from us.

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