Saigon street – Đồng Khởi

11 May

Everyday, I spend from one to two hours on plenty of Saigon roads and I just can’t resist to have my favorite one, the popular one, Đồng Khởi street.

The street length is only 630 meters but it’s the most beautiful 630 meters of the city, from Đức Bà church to Tôn Đức Thắng street, right in front of Saigon river bank. At the beginning, it’s named Rue Cartinat by French colonists. The name come from The Cartinat, an French secret agent post on this street, the post is now the Department of culture, information and travel of Ho Chi Minh city.

From 1954, after the Geneva Agreement, its name is Tự Do (freedom). In the times of The republic of Vietnam, it’s the most lively, luxury in Saigon. Givral cafeteria, National House of Representatives, South Vietnam Marine statue, Continental hotel, etc.

But after the Reunification in 1975, it’s change name again to Đồng Khởi and keep its place as most beautiful place with foreign tourists walk around (somehow, foreigners stand for the wealth or wealthy looking). The Vincom building, Caravelle hotel and stuffs like that.

by Trà

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