Safety first

23 May

To expats who are moving to Saigon or already be here. This city compare to the Western cities is probably just the wild wild west. Lots of opportunities, lots of risks and of course lots of things to remember to protect yourself. This is really serious because there are already plenty of stories about robber and thief in Saigon.

– If you are about to come home late, especially at weekend, please call a taxi. And even if you have called a taxi, take a look back to check whether someone is following you. It’s a good idea to ask the taxi driver to come out and wait for you until you’ve already been behind the gate and it has been locked.

– Be careful of bag-snatchers. They are almost everywhere, literally. Please don’t answer your phone or text when you’re driving or walking on the street.

– The bag-snatchers are also can recognize how much your camera value. So it’s not a bad idea to wrap the neck strap around your wrist while you are walking around for pictures.

– Don’t carry your bag on your shoulder when you are driving. It’s not difficult to snatch it and you may get injure as well.

– It’s more danger if you look “Western”

– Don’t give them any sign that you’re carrying valuable stuffs and it’s easy for them to snatch.

– And being careful never unnecessary

By Trà

SaigonStay – All the best a local friend can give you!

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