Info. for Dog-Owners in Saigon

24 May

Hi people, check out what’s coming up today.

On this page, we will list important information for dog-owners in Ho Chi Minh City (SaiGon).

List 1: Veterinaries (under construction) (This is only a list.  If I do any reccommendations, they will be in actual blog entries.)

  • Dr. Y Mobile Vet ;  tel: 0987095272
  • Petcare Hospital – District 2; 24 A Xuan Thuy Street, Thao Dien Ward. (a big and professional clinic with pet supplies and pet foods)
  • Pet Pro Animal Clinic – Tan Phu district; 192/7 Phu Tho Hoa street, Phu Tho Hoa ward
  • Vet/Pet Shop – district 4; Khanh Hoi Street  (a small clinic next to bridge to D7 on the west side of the street…  on the feeder road of the bridge… sign out front with white toy dogs on it and a big sign up high that you can see as you cross the bridge.  Keep in mind that this place is often closed.)
  • Saigon Pet Clinic — district 2;  33  Đường 41,  P. Thảo Điền
    (Dr. Nghia)
  • Veterinary Clinic — District 3, Ward 5; 376A Vo Van Tan; (Dr. Tran Quang Vinh); Tel:
  • ?????   <please tell me what other Vets can be found and where>

List 2:  Pet Shops and Supermarkets with Dog-Food (under construction)

  • Lotte-Mart – district 7; Nguyễn Hữu Thọ 469  (dog-food is upstairs, well-hidden in the middle by strollers etc.)(cat-food too)
  • Wellcome – district 1;  (near the back,  on one of the right-center aisles)(cat-food too)
  • Vet/Pet Shop – district 4; Khanh Hoi Street  (next to bridge to D7 on the west side of the street on the feeder road of the bridge)
  • MaxiMart    ?????
  • (?) KC Pets – Phu Nhuan district; 6 Hoa Su Street
  • Phuong Anh Pet Mart – district 6; 233A Nguyễn VĂn LuÔng; ward 11
  • An Phu Supermarket – district 2
  • <name unknown – pet supplies store> – district 1;  Mac Dinh Chi Street near the corner of Than Cao Van Street.
  • Phong Kham Thu Y – district 4, Ward 12; 154/53 Le Quoc Hung.              (The sign above the shop is the Pedigree Pal logo.  They have dog food, pet care products, leashes, collars, etc.)
  •  ????   <please tell me what other shops can be found and where>

List 3: Dog-Food Brands Found in the City (under construction)  

  • Classic (dry kibble – adult large breed, adult small breed, puppy)
  • Pedigree Pal (canned, kibble – adult, puppy/junior)
  • Royal Canine (from some larger vet clinics with pet supplies)
  • Birbo (a kibble from a Brazilian company) (so far I have seen this in the small vet/pet shop in D4 at Khanh Hoi bridge)
  • ANF (ANF Advantage 27 & ANF Puppy)  (so far I have seen this in the small pet shop in D4 in Ward 12).
  • ??????  <please tell me what other brands can be found and where>

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