Supper at Chợ Lớn – Part II

09 Jun

To Chinese, one of their most popular food are traditional medical food, or so called “tiềm”. Those actually just as normal food but with the mix of many kind of traditional medical vegetation. Most popular are Mì vịt tiềm – duck noodle, Gà ác tiềm – Black chicken soup, etc.

One of the most crowded street for Chinese restaurants is Phan Xích Long street, at the intersection with Ba tháng hai street, ward 16, district 11. Phan Xích Long is just a normal street as other in daytime, but from 16h, the 200 meters street start to be fulled of motorbikes, neon lightning of Chinese restaurant, one by one, next to each other.

At least there are eight famous Chinese restaurants on the street, such as Thuận Phát, Hồng Phát, Chấn Phát, Lương Ký, Lâm Ký, Văn Ký, Hải Sơn, Dương Thành… those are all familiar name for Chinese. Not only selling traditional medical food, normal Chinese meals are plenty for you to choose. Dumbling or meals like that, you can name them all.

Beside Phan Xích Long with traditional medical food. There are:

Dim Sum – Hà Tôn Quyền street

Noodle – Hậu Giang street

Chè – Hà Ký restaurant – Châu Văn Liêm street

Chinese restaurant – Phạm Đôn street

Come to Chợ Lớn in a summer night and understand our saying – Ăn cơm tàu, ở nhà tây – Having Chinese meals, living in French accommodations. Such a pleasure.

SaigonStay – All the best a local friend can give you!

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