Higher, higher and higher.

14 Jun

Watching a city goes booming must be really interesting for expats in Saigon, and so do I. Everyday, constructions get higher and higher in district 2 and district 7. According to the city project, these areas are going to be the new residential satellite town of Saigon since this city itself has been containing too many people and buildings, compare to its designed half of a century ago.

Below are some under-constructing fancy apartments in Chicago, … uhm, I must have mistaken it by the photos, … ohhh, it’s Phu My Hung, district 7.

Dragon City

Rrealize that they can’t just built out to the horizon, now they’re building up higher and higher apartments, retail store, restaurants, etc. and decide to call it a city. Look like there are gonna be lots of city in Saigon.

Kenton Residence

The complex is included parks, tennis court, movie theatre, etc. As the Dragon city, Kenton is also designed by Singaporean companies. Most of new constructions in Vietnam is designed by Korean, and Singaporean.

Sunrise City

Just a few minutes away from Dragon city and Kenton residence, is Sunrise city, another city. I’ve been in Saigon for more than 20 years and never know it needs to contain so many cities inside like this.

And because they have to be like a city, there are every thing in it. Park, fitness studio, movie theatre, blah blah blah. The area is nothing like the rest of Vietnam. I’m wondering do people live there will ever go out except for working and studying. Saigon is becoming less and less alike the wild wild west now. Because Vietnam isn’t a big country, in size, so we can’t just built out to horizon, we have to built vertically. We’re building boxes, go live in those cement-made boxes and call ourselves developed, despite the fact of terrible polluted environment just right out of those complexes. What a tragic, there are always something out there to go out!

by Trà

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