Going to the central part

23 Jun

Many of you may agree with me that summer in Saigon is something much more than hot. It’s like Saigon doesn’t have two seasons as rainy and dry season, they’re actually the hot and the hottest season. Fortunately my friend has just sent me a video about the central part of Vietnam, and oops, that’s a good idea.

There are literally too many places at the central-part to mention in only one post so I’m gonna just take up a few hotspot first.

Hội An town

The ancient-style town with moss grown all over the walls and roofs. Going to Hội An is just a trip to Viet Nam in the past.

One of many specific things here is gallery

Chùa cầu

Hội An street, quiet a peaceful place in sunset

Hotels are cheap, traditional foods are plenty and not mixed with Western style like the meals in some fancy hotel. This is our of truly Vietnam you should check out. But don’t worry if you can find a bottle of Budweiser, they are also plenty.

Đà Nẵng city

The biggest city in the central part. Annually fire-contest is hold here every 30 April, the Viet Nam reunification day. One thing I would love about the city is coffee. There are literally thousand of coffee shops here and visit a coffee shop is one of the first thing of the people. You can also taste some fresh seafood here, the biggest port in the central-part.

Sea in mountain, Da Nang bay

Ngũ Hành mountain, in case suddenly you want to go climbing while swimming in Da Nang bay

Beach of Da Nang, inner gulf, just right next to the city

In the middle of the night, traffic is stopped from crossing the Song Han Bridge and it swings on its axis to allow shipping traffic to pass along the river. The Song Han Bridge in Danang is a cable-stayed bridge that is lit up brightly at night. The area around the bridge is the location of Da Nang’s cultural center.


It’s just simply and peaceful. Come here if Da Nang is too crowded or Hội An is too deserted for you. To Vietnamese, Huế isn’t just a noun, it’s also an adjective. Come here to feel “something quietly Huế”.

Huế – Hương river

Hương river, separate the city to the new and the own town.

Can’t miss this, the ancient palace.

The most beautiful bridge in Huế, lives through the Việt Nam war. Along with The central post in Saigon and Long Biên bridge in Hà Nội, it’s designed by Eiffel. Yes, the man who design Eiffel tower in Paris.

So there are some famous places. Oops I’ve almost forgotten, I wanted to show you the video which brings me the idea of traveling here this summer. People speak Thai, but don’t mind about that. I can’t understand as well, it just shows Hội An town so nicely!

by Trà

SaigonStay – All the best a local friend can give you!

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