Top delicious food from CNN

27 Jul

Good news for the day. Phở and Gỏi cuốn (Summer roll, if you haven’t heard of it yet) are rated in 50 most delicious foods around the world by CNN. Whoohoo, yah!

For the record, I think they aren’t only base on the taste but also the popular of the foods. That’s why the best ever, Phở, doesn’t get first place. That’s just what I think.

Anyway, good choice of CNN, these two foods are all about the Vietnam spirit. Cheers!

I don’t know who do the rank, but I’m pretty sure they have good taste. Very good taste. They have tried almost every cuisine around the world from buttered popcorn to sushi. For mine beloved breakfast, Phở, stands at the 28th place and Gỏi cuốn come after at 30th. Pretty fair and reasonable because we aren’t usually have anything in the ” world top list” as this time.

5th: Peking duck, China

4th: Sushi, Japan

3rd: Chocolate, Mexico (I thought it from Belgium, never mind)

2nd: Neapolitan pizza, Italy

1st: Massaman curry, Thai (I believe they mean Tom Yum Koong, its taste just as good as its spicy. Very spicy!)

And one more thing, I think CNN doesn’t forget French fries, but it’s just not in the list. Well, it’s yummy, definitely ideal for busy people and because we are busy most of the time so even the delicious taste of it can’t stand on and be taken place by the abundance of it. Sounds reasonable, don’t you think? Leave comment if you have other idea please.

This is the whole story, check this out.

If you don’t have any idea which place serve these foods best. Well, any places in Saigon!

I’ve just had my lunch and this make me hungry already.


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