Lantern street

10 Sep

It’s Mid-Autumn festival in Saigon and the East Asia. Check out the busiest lantern street, Lương Nhữ Học, district 5!

A small street, located in China town, one of the most oldest part of the city.

Mostly traditional paper lanterns.

And traditional forms are birds, lotus, and other animals.

One of a few corners sell modern electronic lantern.

The lantern street has been staying for generations, since the Chinese immigrant come here in the 19th century.

And we Vietnamese fancy that!

Lanterns and other souvenir for the Mid-autumn festival.

Colorful, awesome for photography.

Ah, nice!

Say hi!

No, say cheese!

A part of the city, it’s a part of the history.

Moon cake, tea and lantern, that’s all makers of the Mid-Autumn festival. Originally, the festival is to celebrate the end of the harvesting season and enjoy the full-moon. Now a day, it’s just simply a reason for Saigonese to go out, and everybody have a good time.

Wish you all a happy festival in Saigon.

photo: internet

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