What else Củ Chi?

31 Oct

Located Northern of Saigon is Củ Chi. Till last week, to me, it was just about tunnels, war museum and stuffs like that. But have you ever heard about the beef?

Beef? What beef?

Củ Chi is one of the biggest beef supplier for the whole city, and of course, the people surely know who to make them tasty.

Look tasty to you?

The reason make Củ Chi beef special is the way they pick their beef. It has to be young one about 5 months old. About this old, the beef is soft enough but still keep the flavour and sweety.

Come at the first place is boiled beef, then roasted, with rice porridge, girdle cake, blah bloh blah.

And especially with vegetable. Lots of them!

One thing differentiates Củ Chi beef from Mc Donald is healthy.

Lots of vegetables not only balance the cholesterol in the beef but also make you feel better and more healthy Good from cold to obese and even diabetes.

To me, it was amazing. Feel like I had already taken all the beef for the rest of my life.

So where can you try this? It’s Xuân Đào at the first place, then Năm Liêu, Xuân Dung or Hảo Hảo.

How about take a tour about 1 hour to Củ Chi, add a new Vietnam-experience and then you can say “Been there, done that!”

Saigonstay – All the best a local friend can give you!

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