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Visas are required for all nationalities except Thai, Malaysian, Philippine, Laotian, Singaporean, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian and Finish.

1/VISA UPON ARRIVAL (Procedure – Full name, sex, D.o.b, Nationality, Passport no., or Passport scan)

Single entry: 1 month – 25 $ // 3 months – 35 $

Multiple entry:   1 month – 35 $ // 3 months – 40 $  //  6 months – 95 $

Normal processing is 3 working days (Urgent can do 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours and 1 day)

2/VISA OBTAINS AT OVERSEAS VIETNAMESE EMBASSIES (Procedure – Passport photocopy, or Passport scan)

Single entry: 1 month – 25 $ // 3 months – 35 $

Multiple entry:   1 month – 35 $ // 3 months – 40 $  //  6 months – 95 $

Normal processing is 3 working days (Urgent can do 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours and 1 day)

1.                   What is “Visa on arrival”?

This seems the quickest and cheapest way to get your visa to Vietnam. You just need to fill in our “Online Application Form” and send it to us by email, pay the service fee, get your “Visa approval letter” within 2 working days and pick up your visa at your destination airports (Hanoi – Noi Bai International Airport, Ho Chi Minh City – Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Danang – Danang International Airport and Hue – Phu bai International Airport)

After we obtain the approval letter for you, we will forward you a copy by fax or email. Copies of the same document will be forwarded on your behalf to Vietnam immigration checkpoints at International Airports only, so that when you arrive in Viet Nam, the Immigration officers will have those documents on hand and will be able to issue your entry visa expediently.

2.                   What is the “visa approval letter”?

“Visa approval letter” is a letter issued by Vietnam Immigration Department (Vietnam Government) allows you enter and exit Vietnam for a given time period. With the approval letter, you can pick up your visa at one out of four international airports in Vietnam.

Before issuing an approval letter, the Immigration Dept checks and screens your application very strictly, so there is NO CASE that you will be REJECTED at Vietnam airport when you have an approval letter in hand.

3.                   How long does it takes to get the “visa approval letter”?

You will receive the approval letter within 3 business days except Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays. In urgent case, you will receive it within 2-8 working hours.

4.                   How can I receive the delivery of my “approval letter”?

A copy of the approval letter will be scanned with color and delivered to you by email, so please make sure that you have provided us with correct email address.

5.                   How does the “Visa approval letter” look like?

A sample of how the approval letter looks like a letter

6.                   Can I use this approval letter for entering Vietnam by overland?

No, this type of visa is applicable to air travel only. Three international airports in Vietnam that you can get your stamp with this approval letter are: Noi Bai International Airport (Hanoi), Tan Son Nhat International Airport (Ho Chi Minh City), Danang Airport and Phu bai airport (Hue).

7.                   How much does it cost?

Stamping fee (pay directly at Vietnam airport) + Our service fee (shall be paid in advance). Our detailed fee schedule can be found above.

8.                   Which payment methods do you accept?

Please make payment directly or bank transfer.

9.                   What are the procedures at Vietnam airport?

Upon arrival at Vietnam’s airport, expect a simple form to fill in. Please remember to bring at least 2 photos of passport regulation size (2in x 2in, or 5.08 cm x 5.08 cm), 25 USD for stamp fees per person (1 month single) and 15 minutes waiting time.

10.               Should I provide you with exact date of arrival?

No, not necessary. The arrival date is the earliest you are to arrive, you can therefore arrive later. The departure date is the last day you have, unless you get an extension. So, you just need to provide us the proposed date of arrival.

11.               What if my passport expired?

To apply for a visa to Vietnam, your passport must be valid for at least 1 month for 1 month single entry. Therefore, please re-new your passport before applying for one.

12.               Do I need photo and what is its size?

Yes, please remember to bring at least 2 photos of passport regulation size (2in x 2in, or 5.08 cm x 5.08 cm). No strict requirements on the photo size.

13.               What information needed to process my visa?

1. Your full name (exactly as in your passport)
2. Date of birth (DOB)
3. Nationality
4. Passport Number
5. Proposed arrival date

14.               I’ve submitted the information, how long should I expect for a response?

Our staff will reply within 2 hours during office hours and within 24 hours outside of office hours. If you do not receive our email, kindly check your spam box, else you have entered your email incorrectly.

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