23 May

For public transport, Saigon offers buses, taxi services, taxi mopeds and cyclos.


When making arrangements to travel by public bus it is advisable to have a Vietnamese speaking person accompanying in order to maximize clear communication and needs of services.

Vietnam has an extensive network of buses. Intercity buses depart from and arrive at a variety of stations around HCMC.

Cholon bus station is the most convenient place to get buses. Buses to points north of HCMC leave from Mien Dong bus station and to Tay Ninh, Cu Chi.

Points northeast of HCMC depart from the Tay Ninh bus station.

Ben Thanh – Bay Hien – Cu Xa Nhieu Loc Apartment station runs in Saigon centre area.

HOTLINE: 08 3.821 4444              OFFICE TEL: 08 3.821 6496
Fares start from VND 3000/time

One month Tickets:

For Passengers:                                     For Students:
One Route: VND 60,000 (stamp)              VND 40,000 (stamp)
Two Routes: VND 90,000 (stamp)             VND 60,000 (stamp)
Three Routes: VND 105,000 (stamp)         VND 70,000 (stamp)

30 stamps/a ticket book VND 45,000
Free of charge for children under 11 years of age and 1.3m tall.

Bus regulation:
⇒ Check right route, get right bus and exit right bus stop.
⇒ Request and keep your bus tickets until you reach your destination.
⇒ Be polite for giving up your seat to women, children, and elderly people.
⇒ Do not carry intermitted goods or inflammable.
⇒ No smoking, and keep the bus tidy


Saigon Train Station                           1 Nguyen Thong, District 3  Tel:3.931 2795
Saigon-Nha Trang “5 Star Express”      297 Pham Ngu Lao, District 1Tel: 3.920 6868

Tickets purchase
Saigon Railway Tourist Services          275C D Pham Ngu Lao Tel: 3.836 7640

The basic fee for taxis in Saigon starts VND15,000.00 for 2kms. If you are not competent in your Vietnamese language, it is wise to take the address of your destination with you (use the business card), as most of the drivers do not speak fluent English. Nevertheless, taxis are by far the most efficient way to travel in Saigon. We recommend clarifying knowledge of destination before you take off. Taxi bookings can be made through the following numbers:

Vinasun Taxi (Standar & Deluxe)          TEL: 08 .3.8272727
Mai Linh Deluxe                                  TEL: 08.3.8262626
Mai Linh Taxi                                      TEL: 08.3.8262626
Saigon Taxi                                        TEL: 08.3.8232323
Vina Taxi                                            TEL: 08.3.8111111

The flexible payments terms of Mailinh Taxi are sure to satisfy customers. MaiLinh also offers Vouchers (prepaid service). Customers can use vouchers as gifts for their relatives and regular customers. Customers with large travel budget can use MCC card (post-paid taxi). Many companies have special policies with Vouchers and MCC cards.

Similar Services might be available from following Taxi companies are:
• Airport Taxi:                TEL: 3.844 – 6666                 2km VND 14,000
• Ben Thanh Taxi:          TEL: 3.975 – 6417                 2km VND 14,000
• Festival Taxi:              TEL: 3.845 – 4545                 2km VND 15,000
• Mai Linh Taxi              TEL: 3.826 – 2626                 2km VND 15,000
• Saigon Taxi:               TEL: 3.823 – 2323                 2km VND 13,000
• Saigon Tourist Taxi:    TEL: 3.846 – 4646                 2km VND 15,000
• Vinasun taxi:              TEL: 3.827 – 2727                 2km VND 15,000
• Vina Taxi                   TEL: 3.811 – 1111                  2km VND 12,000


Travel agencies, hotels and cafes are all in the car rental business. Most vehicles are relatively recent Japanese or Korean made.
Renting a motorbike is the fastest and easiest way to get around the city. A 100cc motorbike can be rented for USD5 to USD8 per day and your passport may be kept as collateral. Helmets are also available to rent around USD1 per day.

Car Rentals
Ben Thanh Tourist Co         86 Ly Tu Trong, D1                           3.829 – 0279

Motorbike Rentals
Saigon Scooter Centre       25/7 Cuu Long, W2, Tan Binh Dist      3.844 – 7816
Motorbike Rental               165 Pham Ngu Lao, D1                      3.837 – 4916

HydroFoil – Petro Service
Greenlines – Perto Express Ben Bach Dang, D1                          3.821-5609


(***Also see under Safety Tips)
Few expatriates choose to drive cars in Saigon. The Vietnamese drive on the right hand side. Most of the expatriates choose to employ a driver. This makes getting around very convenient and you arrive at your destination relaxed.

There is no national seat-belt law. If you feel want to drive you need to have a current foreign license. It is recommended that you try to get an ‘International License’ in your own country before you move. If you need to get a Vietnamese Driving License, the following is required:

1. International Driving License or Foreign Driving License
2. Registration Certificate of your company
3. Your Saigon Residence Permit
4. Health Examination

SaigonStay – According to Saigonvan

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