Housing and Personnel in Saigon

25 May

Housing in Saigon can be quite expensive, yet the rents go up every year. Properties rented to expatriates are in most cases quoted in USD and can reach up to $ 7,500.—per month and even more for city center accommodations. However, less prestigious and much smaller properties can be found for approx $1000 per
month. Many houses include a pool, thereby leaving the yard quite small. Most residential areas in the city center are in Districts 1 and 3. Outside of the city the most popular residential areas are Dist. 2, An Phu, being an older established neighborhood, and Dist. 7, which is newly developing. For the time being, houses in Dist. 2 tend to be more expensive than those in Dist. 7. Dist. 2 does have many problems with flooding, therefore be aware of location in Dist. 2.
Furthermore, the electricity tends to fail about 3-4 days per month; therefore it is advisable to take houses that are hooked up to a generator.

When negotiating a lease, the following tips will be very helpful.

1. Add a deadline for repairs once the report has been made. For example, a deadline of 14 days from the date of the report received. If the repairs remain untouched, the charges for an outside company to do the job will be billed to the landlord or deducted from the rent.

2. Add a break clause, if not included already, in case the employment contract is terminated.

3. Have an alarm installed if the house is free standing and/ or with empty lots next to it, or if there is no guard present.

4. Consider asking Fumigation to be included in the rent.

5. Paperwork required for the lease are: copy of passport, copy of stay visa, copy of airport customs form, and registration.

Burglary is the highest security risk that expatriates face, including pet theft. To local Vietnamese, all foreigners appear extremely wealthy. You should not flaunt money or valuables in public, simply because this will likely draw undue attention. With a pet in the yard, keep the gates locked at all times.
Almost all houses and compounds are surrounded by high walls to enhance security. When living in a house outside of a compound, it is advisable to hire a guard. Because an unreliable guard can be bribed by thieves to let them in, take caution to hire a guard either from a security company or only with references when hiring a private individual. To further protect other valuables at home from maintenance personnel or housekeepers, safes are highly recommended to store money, jewelry and other valuables. You will find many styles and sizes to choose from.


In looking for house personnel such as a housekeeper, driver and guard, it is best to ask other expatriates already living in Saigon if they know someone to recommend. Personnel hired by recommendation are one of the best methods to ensure a good relationship. Other places to contact when looking for personnel can be professional companies, security companies, car companies and relocation companies.
Large supermarkets such as ‘An Phu’ Supermarket have a designated area outside to hang classifieds and general information. These are an excellent source of further information. Please ask around about salary and task trends before finalizing the negotiation.
Furthermore, please keep in mind that during TET, the most important holiday in Vietnam, personnel get at least 3-4 days off. Because superstition plays a big role in the day returned to work, discuss with your staff when they will return. Often times, an employer who is too strict about the return date will find him / herself with unhappy and unmotivated staff thereafter.
The atmosphere has to be right on the first day back to work in the New Year to ensure prosperity and health for the rest of the year. Also take note that employees receive ½ to one full salary as a bonus during TET.

SaigonStay – According to Saigonvan

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