Transfer money out of Vietnam

07 Jun

The only way you are going to send money out from VN legally are two ways.

1. Send it through your bank. However, you must be earning money legitimately while paying proper taxes. At the bank, you must provide the banker with your pay statement to prove that you have earned the money legally in the country and paying proper tax. You can only send the amount that you have earned, but not more. Some banks also ask for a letter from your employer or a contract to verify your employment as well so be prepared.

2. Another way to take money our from VN is by physically carrying the money out of the VN.Limit is USD7,000.  Even if one is willing to cast aside concern of fund safety to carry a large sum of money out of Vietnam, he has to first seek approval from relevant Vietnam authorities if the cash he intends to carry is more than USD7,000 (or its equivalent in another currency). This is a process that is even more troublesome than trying to transfer through banks. Attempting to bring more than USD7,000 (or its equivalent in another currency) out of Vietnam without necessary approval is a serious offence in Vietnam. People caught and convicted of this offence face heavy penalty.

If you’re talking about larger amount of money that you wish to send from VN, there are another illegal way to take the money out.

One of the way is by using the Chinese connection who are experts in money laundering operation in VN. You can go to one of these jewelery shops in Chinese market and ask for this service.

The way it works is that you pay them the money. Then they will take about 3% commission right off the top. They will give you the receipt for 97% of the money you gave them. You simply fly over to the country of your choice and you pick up the money from their sister office(usually in China town). You can have some designated person in that country to pick up the money as well.


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