The Introduction of the University Entrance Examination in Viet Nam!

University Entrance Examination is very important in Vietnamese students. High school graduates have to take it and get high results to be admitted to universities. The pressure on the candidates remains very high despite the measures that have been taken to reduce the heat around these exams, since securing a place in a state university is considered a major step towards a successful career for young people, especially those from rural ares or disadvantaged families. In the year 2004, it was estimated that nearly 1 million Vietnamese students took the University Entrance Examination, but on average only 1 out of 5 candidates succeeded.Normally, candidates take 3 exam subjects, and each lasts; 180 minutes for the fixed groups of subjects: Group A: Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry; Group B: Mathematics, Biology, and Chemistry; Group C:Literature, History, and Geography; Group D: Literature, Foreign Language, and Mathematics.
In addition to universities, there are community colleges, art and technology institutes; professional secondary schools, and vocational schools which offer degrees or certificates from a-few-month to 2-year courses.
According to Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training, there are currently 23 non-public universities, accounting for 11% of the total number of universities. These non-public universities are currently training 119,464 students, or 11.7% of the total number of students. The government is planning to increase the number of non-public universities to 30% by 2007.
Saigonstay – According to  Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training
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USD50 to flight Hanoi – HCMC

Vietnam Airline has launched a new promotion program in which fares to many domestic destinations are discounted significantly. In which promotion fares between Hanoi ; HCM City/ Nha Trangg/ Buon Me Thuat are fixed at VND1,100,000, route Ho Chi Minh ; Hai Phong/Vinh VND1,100,000 and route Hanoi/Ho Chi Minh; Da Nang/Hue VND650,000.

There are many uncourageous promotions on other routes can be found on Vietnam Airline official website. The tickets are supposed to be purchased two weeks before departure, with departure day from now on until December 31, 2012.

Interested customers should learn that the fares have not been included taxes, fees and charges and not applied for peak time an holidays. Each ticket is supposed to go with certain condition.

Vietnam Airlines, the national flag carrier of Vietnam, is now the most reputable among aviation firms in Vietnam. However in the context of downward economy, the airline continuously offers promotion tickets, especially in summer time, when travelling demand as usual rises.
SaigonStay – According to Vietnamonline


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July 8 :Viet-Parisian pianist returns for charity show

French-Vietnamese pianist Gabriel Tran Phuong Nam will perform his third concert in Vietnam on July 8, this time to support a clinic for ethnic minorities.

All proceeds from the Ho Chi Minh City performance will go to the Cao Thuong (“Nobility”) clinic in the mountainous province of Kon Tum’s Dakbla commune to help 20,000 people of ethnic minorities.

The 23-year-old musician will play works by Beethoven, Chopin and Maurice.

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Pho in Varieties

Most people know Pho as the most famous dish in Vietnamese culinary art. There are lots of people who fall in love with Pho right at the first time they taste it. However, there is a secret not everyone knows. Pho depending upon its geographical origin, is cooked and eaten in a way different from the other. Specifically, Pho in the North of Vietnam (Pho Bac) is not similar to Pho in the Southern Vietnam (Pho Nam).
First, the soup is one of the main factors of a successful bowl of Pho. The soup, however, is cooked in different ways. Hanoians often boil only the beef’s bones to make the soup. Saigonese people, besides using beef’s bones, sometimes use chicken’s bones and dry squids to make the soup more flavorful. That is the reason why when looking at a bowl of Pho we can recognize its origin. The broth of Hanoi’s Pho is clearer than Saigon’s Pho. Due to more ingredients added, the broth of Saigon’s Pho does not look as pure as Hanoi’s Pho. In addition, Northern people tend to add more seasonings in the soup than Southern people. Northern people tasting Saigon’s Pho find it too sweet for them to finish the soup. In contrast, Southern people tasting Hanoi’s Pho find it too salty.

The second difference is the noodles used in Pho. When eating a bowl of Pho in Hanoi, customers do not have options of noodles. They just have only one kind of noodles which is big in width and thin in depth. In Ho Chi Minh City, when having a Pho, they would ask what kind of noodle you would like to have: the primary one (like Hanoi’s Pho) or the thinner one both in width and in depth.

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Vietnam starts refunding VAT to foreigners

Laura and Sarah, from Switzerland, chose a good day to end their three-week holiday in Vietnam.

As of Sunday, the country now refunds value-added tax to foreigners, opening official counters at Noi Bai Airport in Hanoi and Tan Son Nhat Airport in Ho Chi Minh City.

This fulfills a decree the Ministry of Finance issued in April in an effort to boost sales. It stipulated that, to qualify for the 10-percent VAT refund, foreigners must present receipts worth at least VND2 million (roughly US$100) apiece.

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Good news! You can use your phone with VinaPhone pre-paid SIM card in Thailand and Hong Kong. VinaPhone is continuing corporate with many other partners with a hope to help you more successful and happier with your trip

Before the trip, you must register international roaming service to use IR service. Please consider following steps:

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Black Soybean Milk

It does not matter whether it is black or white. Black Soybean also known as Black Bean or Black Soya Bean will give you a white looking milk just like its cousin, the soya bean. It may not be common for you to find anyone selling this drink out there but you’d be surprise to know that the cooking method is the same. If you know how to make black soybean milk, you will also know how to make soybean milk

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Scallop Congee (Porridge)

Scallop Congee is one of my most oft cooked congee for weekend lunch. Okay, make it Scallop Porridge for those who are more familiar with the word porridge. Actually, it’s the same. And whichever name you call it, it will still taste as good though I suspect the word “congee” sounds much more sophisticated and refined to be used.

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Wet market in Vietnam

Leave Vietnam for merely half a year and sometimes one will just be shocked by how many things have managed to change in such little time.But if he asks what has mostly stayed the same, 20 years plus after the country rejoins the world, the answer is likely going to be the wet market.

More than 70% of the country population is still employed in the agriculture sector Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and other big cities of Vietnam all have their in which farmers grow their crops and herd their livestock. The close proximity allows for fresh produce to come in the cities everyday, in a matter of few hours. This makes for no shortage of recently-butchered meats and just-picked vegetables.

The majority of these foods are sold at wet markets scattered across towns. Big cities like Hanoi often house up to hundreds of such open fairs, which range in size, from small gatherings that take up only a few square yards, to several-hectares ones in some places like Hanoi’s all-too-famous Thanh Cong market.
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A glance at Vietnamese folk painting!

Folk painting is a combination of traditional cultural values with ancient artistic methods that have been created through the labor of past generations. There are two types of Vietnamese folk painting, Tet holiday paintings and worshiping paintings.

Long history.
The folk painting’s journey is the story of the Vietnamese traditional art from the past to the present. During the Ly Dynasty (12th century), there were many families who specialized in woodblock carving. By the end of the Tran Dynasty, they were also printing paper money. At the beginning of the Le So Dynasty, the Chinese technique of carving printing boards was adopted and improved. The History Museum and the Fine Art Museum in Hanoi still keep old printing boards as archives.

During the Mac Dynasty (16th century), folk painting developed quite extensively and was popular among the aristocracy in Thang Long. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the art of folk painting was stable and highly developed.

Depending on artistic style, drawing-printing technique as well as the materials used, folk painting are classified into painting trends according to the name of their place of production.

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